OutOfMemory! card game

Prototype version
The card game for programming enthusiasts. OutOfMemory! is a physical card game about balancing feature growth, avoiding OutOfMemory exceptions and disrupting your opponents growth. Good luck and let the competition to market begin!

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    A short summary of the game rules:
    • your goal is to build an application from features, represented (mostly) by Feature cards, generating Feature points,
    • the first player who collects 10 Feature points, wins,
    • Feature cards have costs. So, for example, many cards allocate Memory at the end of each turn,
    • if you hit the specified memory limit, you experience an OutOfMemory exception resulting in unpleasant consequences,
    • actions and features are limited by the number of CPU Ticks available,
    • to reclaim some memory, you can play Garbage Collection cards,
    • you can disrupt opponents by playing Bug or Issues cards against them,
    • you can help yourself by playing Fix cards,
    • there are Action cards with special consequences!
    • and you can host a single Hero card with unique and special abilities!

    Note: Current edition is especially dedicated for .NET developers but it is perfectly fine for every developer and card game enthusiast! There are sme .NET-related concepts (like Span<T> or Dispose() method) but their exact meaning is inrelevant for the game mechanics. Moreover, expect other languages editions!

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